Historic periods

The financial statements view presents the financial figures of a company (as reported by the company) and financial ratios calculated by WorldCap.

You can also choose to show standardized (pro forma) figures, which are the reported figures adjusted for special items.

Up to 160 financial metrics are provided per company.

Analyst consensus estimates

WorldCap provides reported figures for historic periods and analyst consensus estimates for up to five years in the future.

Until today, the depth of our estimates has been available only to the users of very expensive terminal solutions.

We provide up to 25 estimate types for each future period, including EBIT, EBIT margin, dividend, dividend yield and payout ratio.

Apple Financial Statements

Apple Financial Statements

Apple Financial Statements
Apple Analyst Consensus Estimates

Interactive Charts

Our charts are fully interactive. To plot a financial metric in the chart, just select it from the table with one click.